LAHNAU akustik
Innovative Building Material in Recycling Glass and Metal Ceilings
A material for the 21st Centry, European standards of fire safety and the aim was to manufacture and ecological building material that suits the demand of high technology buildings of investors, architects and end users.

The material should perform in the properties of:
- Acoustic
- Preventive fire protection
- Minimal weight
- Good maintenance

Light weight panel by using inorganic binders and a combination of specific hardening agents. In its natural form glass is heavy brittle and quite difficult to process. The patented technology transforms it into a high performance and light-weight acoustical material. The micro-porous, homogenous fleece surfaces provide the base on which is applied.
Product Characteristic
Fire Treatment: DIN 4102 A2 non-combustible & B1 non-flamable

Acoustic: NRC up to 0.85

Compliance of Standard: Impact test according to DIN 18032 Part 3, Examination and appraisal Nr.04/2007 the examined material fulfills the demands of the shooting range guideline.