IMI Surface Design
Acoustic Concrete and Iron Panel for Ceiling and Wall
The acoustic board is, thanks to the specifically developed microperforation, an effective sound absorber. It is easy in the further processing and does not require additional mounting frames. This allows a flexible and quick access within the production process. Because of the construction of perforation, the acoustic boards are ideally suitable for acoustically effective furniture, wall cladding, room divider or ceiling sails. Particularly high absorption values will be achieved in almost all frequency ranges.
Product Characteristic
Fire Treatment: NON-flammable IMI coating with fire protection classification
A2-s1,d0 (DIN EN13501-1). As wall cladding element flame retardant according to B1-DIN 4102-1

Acoustic: Alpha (W) up to 0.75

For exterior or wet areas: IMI is also available as a water resilient outdoor version.

For floor areas: IMI boards are available with impact sound insulation or as a double floor system.