Green Building Product Labelling Scheme: The Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) launched the Green Building Product Labelling Scheme introducing a standardised measure for green building products, in which they would be awarded Green Building Product Labels according to their degree of greenness. The HKSAR Government has been supporting green building development by implementing environmental policy and promoting green procurement. To accelerate green building development in Hong Kong, the HKGBC introduced the brand-new Green Building Product Labelling Scheme, providing a practical and recognised standard of green building products for industry practitioners and end users.

The Singapore Green Label: It is widely recognised by ministries, governmental agencies, procurement and industry professionals within the region. In addition, Singapore Green Label certified products are eligible for points under major building rating system such as BCA Green Mark Scheme, Malaysia Green Building Index, Hong Kong Beam Plus and Vietnam LOTUS.

Cradle to Cradle: all materials used in industrial or commercial processes—such as metals, fibers, dyes—fall into one of two categories: “technical” or “biological” nutrients. Technical nutrients are strictly limited to non-toxic, non-harmful synthetic materials that have no negative effects on the natural environment; they can be used in continuous cycles as the same product without losing their integrity or quality. In this manner these materials can be used over and over again instead of being “downcycled” into lesser products, ultimately becoming waste. Biological Nutrients are organic materials that, once used, can be disposed of in any natural environment and decompose into the soil, providing food for small life forms without affecting the natural environment.

A+ Indoor Air Quality: The volatile organic compounds have been measured and that the products have received the highest (A+) rating, helping to ensure cleaner healthy indoor air.

FSC & PEFC: Products certified with both PEFC and/or FSC® standards guarantee that the wood used for production of the acoustic panels can be traced back to responsible forestry.

Recycling: In our product range you will find products that are 100% recyclable, natural and biodegradable.

BREAM & DGNB: are the leading voluntary certification schemes within sustainable building.